NCERT Mind Maps

NCERT Mind Map is an initiative of Orange Education Pvt Ltd. We are happy to introduce NCERT Mind Map as a book based on NCERT curriculum. This book will help students in understanding concepts and memorising them faster. In an academic year, each chapter can be revised 120 times by using this book. Each chapter comprises of key-points, Mind Map, ‘MAP the Map’ activity and Assessment section. Students can create customised notes for the topics in the book. NCERT Mind Map enables each student – ‘How to Think’, ‘How to Create’, ‘How to Remember’ & ‘How to Memorise’. This innovative approach can revolutionise the teaching and learning experiences.
  • Mind Map is a diagram used to represent key words, ideas, concepts or other items linked to and arranged around a central concept.
  • Mind Maps are used to generate, visualise, structure and classify concepts, as an aid to study and organise the information.
  • Mind Map’s radiant structure directly corresponds to the way our mind stores and retrieves information. Mind Maps convey key words, hierarchy, association and relationships between concepts and enables the student to understand the concepts and chapters better.
  • The chapter's name is given in the centre. Start from the top right main branch (1 o'clock branch) and go clockwise, first read the main branch, then go to the corresponding sub branches followed by sub-sub branches and key points. Along with the key points on the branches, read and understand the given pictures and images.

Learning how to learn is life’s most important skill. - Tony Buzan.